Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Rest of the Christmas Photos...

In regard to birth order, pretend that these photos were attached to the bottom of the last post...

Silvia (Daughter of Lettie)
Cheetah Girls in Spanish!
Closed eyes, but a beautiful smile...
Can't have Cheetah Girls 1 without getting Cheetah Girls 2 as well... Apparently...
Tom and Jerry... What a classic!
Oscar (Son of Lettie)
I helped pick that shirt out- so snazzy...
Hilda (Daughter of Lettie)
Her smile and laugh are contagious...
Such a beautiful Guatemalteca...
Chivete (Son of Lettie)
He is the closest to my age, but doesn't live at the ranch.
The Classic Deer-in-Headlights Look
I LOVE my fabric wrapping paper!!!
This picture doesn't do her justice- she's beautiful, both inside and out.
Don Oscar (Husband of Lettie)
Mike, Karen, and Don Oscar opening gifts together

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