Friday, December 19, 2008

Farewell pictures and my new best friend! :)

I just figured out how to add photos to my blog- how exciting! These pictures are of my farewell in the Atlanta airport. They're so special to me, Momma and Poppa. :)

I also had too include photos of my new best friend. I've named her Ofelia (my new favorite name). She lives in my bathroom, is about an inch long, and eats all the nasty bugs for me. What a great little girl! (Karen told me that some Guatemalans are afraid of lizards and iguanas because they think that they can sting you with their tails. Thanks to having sweet big brothers who would throw the lizards with blue tails on me when I was little, I know it's not true and can appreciate Ofelia's presence in the bathroom.) :)

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