Thursday, December 18, 2008

My first night at the ranch... (12-17-2008)

It is now almost 9:00pm on Wednesday, and I have almost experienced my first full day at the ranch… But let me pick up where I left off about last night.

We FINALLY reached Rio Dulce at 10pm or so. I had been fighting back yawns and a strong urge to curl up in a ball and fall asleep for about 2 hours, so I was definitely relieved to know that my bed was in sight. Driving into the property, I became aware of the great security measures taken to protect everyone at the ranch (not that they’re necessarily needed). The entire property is gated, and the fence along the road has barbed wire on type of it. Also, there are two night watchmen (armed)- one mans the gate and the other is up the driveway a bit. With the prospects of living in a house by myself, it’s a relief to know they’re out there…

Anyway, some of the children were still awake and Lettie (Mike and Karen’s “adopted” daughter) was there. It was interesting to see how they greeted me. Some gave hugs, some just smiled and said “mucho gusto,” and some didn’t even acknowledge my existence. It was late and we were all very tired (especially me), so I didn’t take offence. I was just ready to crash. We brushed our teeth and climbed into bed. I am currently residing in the girls’ room (there are three sets of bunk beds, all of which are occupied now). It’s a pretty nice set-up, with a bathroom attached. Once we were all in bed, one of the girls read a bible story out loud, then they chit-chatted for about 10 minutes, then we all said “Buenos noches” and crashed. I had NO IDEA what they were saying (when they’re by themselves in their room, they talk extremely fast to one another), but it was neat just to listen (oh to be 14 at a “sleepover” again)… ☺

I slept pretty well. Even though I was extremely tired, it was really hard to turn my brain off. I was trying to process everything that had happened over the past few hours, and it was all still pretty surreal… That feeling passed the next morning.

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